If you have been injured by the negligence of another, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, loss of wages, injuries, and pain and suffering. Adam Schultz is an up and coming personal injury lawyer in Pueblo and Southern Colorado. The firm is committed to helping accident victims recover what they deserve. With years of trial experience and a reputation for tenacity in the court room, Adam Schultz has a successful track record for helping injured victims.


Defendants caught up by “the war on drugs” can face staggering penalties. A successful defense to a drug case is often a technical, complicated legal battle that requires a skilled attorney experienced in the constitutional law governing search and seizure.


DUI charges require immediate attention and expertise. In addition to the potential conviction and sentence DUI or  DWI charges threaten a defendant’s driving privileges and can have other lasting consequences on a defendant’s finances and freedom. A swift defense response is necessary to help to reduce the impact on driving privileges and increase a defendant’s chances of a good result by preserving evidence and any defenses that may be available.                                           .


Colorado punishes sex offenses differently and more harshly than most other offenses. Defendants accused of felony sex-related offenses are often facing mandatory indeterminate or lifetime prison sentences. Even when less severe sentencing options are possible, there are still a number of requirements such as registration and treatment that can makes these cases a living nightmare for defendants. It is critically important to have someone on your side who understands the finer points of these cases and who has the experience to try the complex case or help negotiate a beneficial resolution.


Domestic Violence convictions can threaten your liberty, your career, your family or custody rights, and your right to own a firearm. Many people plead guilty to crimes involving domestic violence without understanding the true consequences. It is vitally important that defendants charged with domestic violence offenses understand their right to confront their accusers and their right to a trial. It is also critical to investigate these types of cases quickly, before memories fade and evidence is lost or deleted.


Assaults are punished aggressively in Colorado. Serious bodily injury caused during a scuffle or overreacting in the name of self-defense can easily lead to charges that threaten mandatory prison terms. It is important that these cases be investigated immediately and thoroughly in order to determine whether there are mitigating factors that reduce the potential penalty or if affirmative defenses apply.